IMPORTANT: The sign up process is easy and can be done even before you arrive. However, it is critical that you have a mobile wallet installed to hold your pass. There are two cases depending on your type of phone.
  • iPhones - all iPhones already have Wallet pre-installed. (If you have an older version of iOS, it might be called "PassWallet" - but it is the same program.) You don't need to do any preparation.
  • Android phones - depending on your cellular provider, you might already have a wallet pre-installed. In many cases, this is Google Wallet. If you don't have a Wallet pre-installed, then you need to install one to hold your loyalty passes. You can download Google Wallet or even one of many 3rd party Wallet apps - we recommend WalletPasses.

Once you have your wallet installed, you can continue to sign up for as many loyalty programs as you wish.

Now let's look at how to join a specific loyalty program.

First of all, the business that you frequent must offer one of our loyalty programs. Assuming they do, the business has already been given two ways for customers to sign up:

  1. A special signup URL. This is a short URL that the business will advertise and promote - typically on their website, Facebook page or a number of other methods. Often it is a shortened URL starting with and usually some text following it with the name of the business or something close to that.
  2. A special signup QR code: This might be displayed inside the business location on a window, near the cash register or some other convenient place. Scanning this code with a QR scanner will take you to the signup page (the very same page as in method #1).

Regardless of which method the business uses (some will promote both methods), you will be taken to a sign up page similar to the one shown. Just fill in the form (the most important is the email field as you will be emailed a welcome email that you should keep).

After filling in the form, just click the "Join" button. You only need to click it once - have some patience as a new loyalty pass is being created for you right now. This process can take anywhere between 5-20 seconds. You will then be taken to a screen where the new pass is downloaded and displayed for you. You should then add this pass to your mobile wallet.