Now that you have everything setup in your Woocommerce website, you simply run your program in the following way:

  1. Promote your Public URL. You will be given a public URL (short and user friendly) to promote on Facebook and other social media as well as your website. Your customers should open this URL and sign up for your loyalty program. Once they do that, they will receive a loyalty card to download into their smartphone wallet (just like our BigDog in-store program). IMPORTANT: your customers must use the same email address in the loyalty program as they do in the ecommerce website.
  2. Rewards: Make sure that you have at least one reward defined for your customers. While it's not actually a requirement, it doesn't give your loyalty program members confidence when they see no rewards available.
  3. When a customer who has already registered for the loyalty club makes a purchase on your Woocommerce website (assuming you have properly configured the plugin with the correct parameters), they will see a notification on their phone that they've earned points.
  4. Push Notifications: you can send your customers push notifications direct to their phone. You can send EVERYONE in your loyalty program or just individual customers. Sending push notifications gives you a GREAT opportunity to:
    1. Inform your customers of sales or other bargains available on your site.
    2. Inform an individual customer that their order has been shipped and they should check their email for tracking information
    3. etc.
  5. Manager Portal: Use your manager portal to administer the loyalty program. You can even check out individual customer information and send push notifications to them and even update their information directly from here. See below:

You can use this view of the manager's portal to update information and even make corrections. Suppose a member makes an order and complains that he didn't receive loyalty points for the order. After checking his email address on the Woocommerce order, you notice that he did NOT use the same email for his loyalty program. You can update his email address for the loyalty program AND award the user the missing points by clicking the little blue pencil icon.

If you notice that many of your users did not bother to load their card into their smartphone wallet (our statistics show that some program have as much as 15%-20% of users failing to do this - usually because they didn't bother - you can email then and send reminders to do so. Note that the program of earning points still works... the only thing they miss without the card being loaded into a smartphone wallet are push notifications and point updates.