If you are using our Woocommerce integration, you will want to assign a value to a reward to offset the cost of the reward that the user is putting into the cart. For example, suppose you are offering your customers a free product as a reward. Suppose that specific product has a set price. Then when the user adds the product to the cart, LoyaltyDog's integration will add a "Reward Product" to the cart with an equivalent value to be subtracted from the total price.

In the video example below, the reward is a free beer that has a price of £3. When the user has a free beer reward that he has claimed, he'll add the beer to the shopping cart and the total will be incremented by £3. When the reward is applied to the cart, the $maxValue assigned to that reward will be subtracted from that total - thus awarding the user with a free beer. You still keep proper inventory knowing that a beer was purchased.

Watch the video below for details on how to add the $maxValue parameter to any reward pass.