Actually - the flexibility of the LoyaltyDog Loyalty Program provides you with the ability to offer pretty much any type of reward you want to offer. Let's look at the reward features:

Auto-Claim Rewards for Punch Cards

Punch cards are the most simplistic of loyalty systems. Every purchase provides the customer with a clear and unambiguous step towards a reward when they fill up their punch card. LoyaltyDog support punch cards with 8, 10 or 12 markers on it for punching. Additionally, filling up a card provides the customer with an automatic claim - their loyalty card turns immediately to a reward card.

Being a digital punch card offers a lot of flexibility. The example shown is for a shisha (water pipe) shop that darkens an icon every time there is a purchase of a shisha. Once the card is full, the customer has earned a free shisha. This is the easiest way to have a straightforward program of "buy 10 and get the next one free"

Point-Based Programs

Point based systems of extreme flexibility at the cost of slightly more complexity. While not as simplistic as the punch card system, programs based on points are much more like airline frequent flier programs. With such a system, you are able to offer your customers a complete range of offers and award them points based on their purchases by value instead of a simplistic method as the punch card based program.

Multiple Reward Offers

Loyalty programs based on points (instead of "punches") can have many award possibilities. In fact, you can award points based on the amount spent on the purchase (perhaps give out 1 point for every unit of currency... that is, 1 point = 1USD in the US, 1 point = 1GBP in the UK, 1 point = 1 Euro in most of Europe, etc).

Additionally, you can now offer a variety of rewards and each reward will have a specific number of points that it will cost your customer from his point total. Once the customer "claims" the reward, this number of points will be subtracted from the total and now the customer has the right to his reward when he next visits your establishment.

A customer can view the rewards you are offering by flipping over to the back of his pass and clicking on the "Check for new offers" link. This will then open a webpage showing all the offers available to the customer (and even some that the customer might not have enough points for, but showing him nonetheless in order to entice him to earn more points towards that reward).